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Heritage values: Urban Landscapes

Heritage Memory and Belonging Section

Urban Landscapes

The notion of urban landscape implies considering not only the extraordinary elements but also the ordinary that frames it, the union of both creates the specific environment that defines the character of a place. Therefore, the sites of monuments should ensure that they are cleared and presented in a seemly manner. Sometimes, the presence of a single building can define an urban or natural environment as it highlights its intrinsic values and becomes a reference. Those items are an essential part of identity and the population is sentimentally attached to their image. Its loss could result in a trivialization of the landscape and a loss for the citizens’ sense of belonging to a place. 

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© Massimiliano Lacertosa

Boekentoren [The Book Tower]


cc 4.0 Gerd Fahrenhorst

Kongreßhaus [Congress Center]


cc 4.0 Hiiumaamudeliklubi

Kaknästornet [Kaknäs Tower]


© Fundación COAM / Fundación Docomomo Ibérico

Edificio Torres Blancas [Torres Blancas building]


© Giovanni Zanzi/Fundación DOCOMOMO Ibérico

Piscina das Marés [Leça Swimming Pool]