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Heritage values: Personalities

Heritage Architecture and Urbanism


History of concrete development is filled with great names and personalities. Without them, it would be impossible to understand the esthetic and technical achievements of the newborn material. A building is sometimes essential in order to understand the personal path that an important engineer or architect took in his research and why it should be preserved. For a number of designers, either architects or engineers, concrete was the material on which they based their production, and not merely a material to help them solve the structural problems they faced when building. This is the case of Pier Luigi Nervi, one of the most important engineers of all times, whose works are rooted in concrete. Not only did he innovate with concrete technology and apply it to new typologies, but he also carried out ongoing research in order to improve techniques. As a result, he carried out a great number of constructions that are today referential in modern architecture. 

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cc 4.0 Kanerva Teuvo

Kalevan kirkko [Kaleva Church]


© marklarmuseau

De vliegtuighangars voor het vliegveld van Grimbergen [Two hangars in Grimbergen]


© Anna & Eugeni Bach | www.annaeugenibach.com

Flower Kiosk, Östra Kyrkogården [Flower Kiosk, Oriental Cementery]


© Luis Argüelles / Fundación DOCOMOMO Ibérico

Convento, teologado e iglesia de San Pedro Mártir de los Padres Dominicos [St. Peter Martyr Church and Theological Center of the Dominican Fathers]


© Renato Di Bartolomeo

Torino Esposizioni Salone 2 e 3 [Torino Exhibition Hall 2 and 3]