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Heritage values: New Ways of Living

Heritage Architecture and Urbanism

New Ways of Living

Concrete completely changed the structural technology used for dwelling buildings, the free plant and façade, derived from the use of pillars instead of shear walls, was a revolution in residential buildings that completely transformed the typology allowing innovative organizations and distributions. The new building technology allowed for the industrialization of some parts of the building process. This took place at a time that witnessed an overwhelming increase in demography, as well as massive migrations, coinciding with the reconstruction of a continent destroyed by World War II. As a consequence, social housing became one of the main research fields in 20th century architecture. New technologies provided the possibility of building housing in a new and massive scale that lead to innovative ways of inhabiting, new urban forms for a new structure of society, as well as new forms of moving or enjoying free time.

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© Richard Morten

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CC BY 2.0 André P. Meyer-Vitali

Unité d'Habitation Marseille [Marseille Housing Unit] and Hôtel Le Corbusier


Public domain

One Athens Residence Complex


© Atelier 66. Suzana and Dimitris Antonakakis

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