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Heritage values: Infraestructures for History

Heritage Memory and Belonging Section

Infraestructures for History

Great historical events such as wars demand a wide range of specific infrastructures, often related to military or logistical needs. The conservation of these elements is a direct reminder of the importance of the historical event to which they allude. Its understanding helps us get closer to the historical circumstances that surrounded it. The recognition of infrastructures as patrimony is relatively recent as it implies considering aspects that go beyond artistic values or beauty. 
On 1990, the Council of Europe adopted the recommendation No. R (90) 20 on the protection and conservation of the industrial, technical, and civil engineering heritage in Europe. The text focuses on the specific nature of this type of heritage: 
"The scale and extent of technical, industrial, and civil engineering heritage, as well as its very nature, make it necessary to adopt specific protection and conservation measures in the wider framework of heritage policies. It would be impossible to seek to protect all the technical or industrial constructions existing in Europe, even if they had a certain historic or scientific value. Selection is necessary more than in any other sector of heritage. Sometimes, the mere identification of the building, tool or object represents, in itself, a form of conservation. This selection will have to be made so as to ensure a balanced representation of the different branches of production. It is also important to associate owners and enterprises in this task".

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