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Heritage values: Exemplary Conservation Practices

Heritage Technology and Society

Exemplary Conservation Practices

In some cases, the value of a building can be increased by the actions or interventions performed in order to preserve its original values, to reverse a situation of degradation or to adapt it to new functional or technological requirements. These interventions can be exemplary and referential from a technical and scientific point of view. They can also define an aesthetic or intellectual positioning on the criteria to be adopted when dealing with buildings with heritage values. Exemplary conservation practices show how an intervention can contribute to add new qualities to a building and increase the significance of the whole.

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© Massimiliano Lacertosa

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© Rainer Süvirand | PuhkusEestis.ee

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© Jean Pierre Roche

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© Olga de Kock

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© Susana Landrove / Fundación DOCOMOMO Ibérico

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© Stijn Brakke Fotografie. Rotterdam. The Netherlands.

Bijlmermeer, DeFlatKleiburg [Bijlmermeer, Kleiburg building]