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Heritage values: Europe, a Common Background

Heritage Motor for Economical Development and Sustainability

Europe, a Common Background

Some buildings help us understand our common history, tokens of the construction of a common identity both collective and individual. Safeguarding cherished cultural heritage sites and intangible cultural expressions, knowledge and skills that, collectively, define a community, can be considered a contribution to human wellbeing, and result in a direct and significant contribution to sustainable development with economic, social and environmental dimensions. In Europe, heritage is vital to the competitiveness of tourism and plays an important role in shaping our common social, cultural, and political background. The Declaration of Amsterdam (1975) says: “Apart from its priceless cultural value, Europe's architectural heritage gives to her peoples the consciousness of their common history and common future. Its preservation is, therefore, a matter of vital importance.”

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© Massimiliano Lacertosa

Boekentoren [The Book Tower]


©Darmon Richter (www.monumentalism.net)

Hut Buzludza, хижа Бузлуджа [Buzludzha Monument]


© Lee Smith

Паметник 1300 години България [Monument to 1300 Years of Bulgaria]


cc 3.0 Harri Blomberg

Vikingskibshallen på Vikingskibsmuseet [Viking Hall at the Viking Ship Museum]


cc 4.0 Bonin Volker von

Olympiastadion [Olympic Stadium]


© Wladyslaw Sojka | www.sojka.photo

Hala Stulecia [Centennial Hall]


© Alexander Nilssen | www.nilssen-photo.com

Salaspils memoriālais ansamblis [Salaspils Memorial Ensamble]


© Jean Pierre Roche

Base Sous-Marine BETASOM


© Nuno Alexandre Rocha/Fundación DOCOMOMO Ibérico

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian [Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation]