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Information and knowledge resources

Information and knowledge resources compilation

According to ICOMOS Guidelines the overall main stages to be considered in conservation of concrete heritage are:

Preliminary stages:

  1. Develop a thorough understanding of the place and assess its significance.
  2. Develop preliminary knowledge of the site and its condition.
  3. Perform initial research to identify and document the significance of concrete heritage, in general, concrete heritage in the context of a subject property and of the subject property itself.
  4. Identify an experienced interdisciplinary project team tailored to the age and characteristics of the site and the scope of concrete repair and deterioration to be addressed.
  5. Perform relevant research on specific site conditions including but not limited to precedents, testing, diverse informed perspectives, etc.

Intermediate stages:

  1. Perform condition assessment and document findings.
  2. Develop repair approach and policies appropriate for each distinct type of condition identified. Design repair for clear communication among the project team.

Final stages:

  1. Document and implement repair program.
  2. Provide ongoing maintenance program and monitoring regimen to extend the life of repairs.
  3. Monitor the outcomes of the repairs to learn from experiences.
  4. Celebrate the significance of modern concrete.